/// Sunday, October 30

Boo as a configuration language

I wrote an article for CodeProject.com extolling the benefits of scripting (Boo, C#) over static XML, INI files for application configuration. I never submitted and now I can't find it! It explained how a script file can perform a precheck of the environment before starting the application. For example, the configuration file could check a database connection, pull down a WSDL to validate a web service connection, etc. Boo is perfect for this since an administrator can change a value in the Boo script and simply run it again with booi. The application uses the script file to configure itself without having to do any casts to strings, etc. Moreover, scripts can detect missing key values across different environments---development, test and production.

I'll write it up again. If you're wondering, it's Boo + dependency injection, a potent combination.


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