/// Monday, October 31

Brail, the genesis

A Jason fellow left a comment about the simliarities of TemplateCodeBuilder to Ayende's Brail. Funny he should mention that. I have been thinking about creating an open-source project for quite some time. I initially wanted to create a .NET Web MVC framework but stumbled upon Castle. Why build yet another web framework?

Castle has multiple view engines. I found Brail intriguing because of Ayende's choice of language, Boo. I knew Ayende was a keen guy based on the ideas written on his blog, so Boo was worth a looksie. Wow!

One day I was coding and it hit me ... In one hand I had just discovered a great .NET language, Boo, built on an exensible compiler architecture. In my other hand I was creating a SQLite provider for CodeSmith. Why not create an open source code generation framework? Why not extend Boo to convert templates into code so you don't need CodeSmith or MyGeneration? Why not generalize the idea and transform any metadata into code? Why not indeed.

It comes as no surprise then that my first example is Brail like. It's funny how things come full circle.


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