/// Friday, October 28

Visual Studio 2005 Gotcha

I guess I'm old school in that I always partition my drives into an operating system drive (C:) and an applications/data drive (D:). My small form factor PC allows for a single drive. When I partitioned the drive, I figured 6 gigs would be enough for the Windows operating system.

Apparently not! Microsoft and other companies tend to install parts of its application on the C: drive even if you tell it to install in D:\program files. The .NET Framework for example will always install itself in the Windows directory. I finally finished downloading Visual Studio 2005 and tried to install it. Bam!

You cannot change the installation location for these products. These products have a dependency on a file already installed in another location, which prevents these products from being installed in a custom directory. The products you are trying to install are dependent on the following programs: * Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SDK - ENU

What? I installed the .NET 2.0 SDK on my D: drive earlier in the day. Further reading tells me I should first uninstall then reinstall the Framework to the drive where I want to install Visual Studio. Where do you think it is dummy?! VS needs 2.6 GB of space and my C: drive has 3.0 GB of free space. That doesn't leave Windows enough room to download and apply upgrades, etc. Been there, done that. Aaargh. I have an old version of Partition Magic, I hope it works on XP SP2. Otherwise, I'll have to run to the nearest software store to buy partitioning software. I bet this eats up one day. Visual Studio 2005 better be worth it!


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