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Just Data Please

Why is it so difficult to do generic data access with .NET? Why not follow JDBC? Universal data access, remember that MS technology, not in .NET. Abstract as they might, ADO.NET still sucks. Is it that hard for MS to swallow their pride and implement a JDBC model? Or, is being able to create a SQL Server specific driver the reason ADO.NET sucks? MS knows how to do it they refuse to in ADO.NET. Every other data access library from Perl, Python, Ruby ... Java does it right.

I need a nice Data Access library for Gamba. I like iBATIS.NET mapper but it's doing more than I want. iBATIS has a lower level dData access library which may suit my needs. My ideal data access would be the MS DAAB (Data Access Application Block) but a truly generic version without needing any of the other MS blocks like configuration, logging. I don't find ORMS to be appealing as they assume 1) you have control of the database, 2) I prefer metadata and 3) stored procedures are good.


maybe nPersist is for you.

Yeah i know it's an O/R Mapper but with a lot of features.

You find it via Mats - Blog
(btw. very interesting read)


Keep up the interesting posts
thanks for the link! there's so much stuff out on the web, you don't even known alternatives like npersist exists.
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