/// Thursday, November 17

Mint-Green Tea Theme for Blogger

I became bored of not doing any web stuff so I created a mint-green tea theme for Blogger. Actually, I modified the old orange theme I was using. I'm not that good of a designer but I have a utility called ColorImpact (Windows). It lets you pick a main color then based on different formulas (complements, triad, monochrome, etc) ColorImpact presents a palette of harmonius or complementary colors. I simply used the colors it gave me. I'm a little concerned about not using web safe colors so please let me know if the site looks funky!

I cleaned up the blogger template to maximize use of space, to focus on content. Nobody likes looking at dead space or scrolling just to read an entry. Most developer's use a theme good for general thoughts but not very good for describing and presenting source examples. I even indented the post bodies ala Boo. I don't know if that's functional but it says this site is about coding. I also de-empasized dates and static links on the sidebar. I removed extraneous information like "posted by Mario Gutierrez". Yeah, it's my blog who else posted it? The only thing left to do is to float the links sidebar and have a minimize button to shrink it. I could not make it work in both IE and FireFox. I used to be a die-hard IE fan, not anymore. Get Firefox!

It wasn't just a color update! If the layout is distracting, seems crammed or if you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment. I keep these things in mind when building web pages.


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