/// Friday, December 2

Gamba: A New Beginning

Hmm, maybe Boo is a language for three developers (quote from somewhere). Noone seems to be interested in a web framework for Boo. Eventually I'd like to enlist people to contribute but I dont see much interest. That's a little disconcerting, but time to move on. Maybe I'll contribute to Boo in other ways, but for now I'll concentrate on C#. Boo's architect, bamboo, has some good ideas with Boo but I don't think people realize how things like AstAttributes let you be more expressive and creative. Code injection, for example, is very powerful. You can get close with an MSBuild preprocessor and partial classes with C# 2.0 but you don't get the AST. I've only touched the surface, you could change the behaviour of a class instead of just mixing in other behaviour. Anyway, it's all for not.

If you're interested in Boo for web stuff you still have Brail and MonoRail.

I still have plans for Gamba, which as of today starts anew with focus on ASPX pages, MS Enterprise Blocks and C#. My real experience lies in enteprise development and so it's my comfort zone. Sadly, I can only do a pseudo-MVC2 approach but it fits in well with how most Microsoft developers do web development.


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