/// Tuesday, December 6

I Miss Java

While I have a lot more experience with C# and .NET, I have good experience with Java. I like both C# and Java. I especially like Java for open-source. There's so many well-designed open-source Java projects. Whatever open source projects there are for .NET, there's bound to be a multitude of projects that are stable and more mature on the Java side. And there are many Java projects that simply do not have a counterpart on the .NET side. One library I really miss is Jakarta Commons, a comprehensive set of utility classes for your day to day coding. I'm porting functions/classes as I need them. Fortunatley, the MS Java Conversion assistant is helping in this effort, doing most of the work.


Have you tried to use IKVM?
If I want to find a string between two tags, I do this with commons.lang StringUtils.substringBetween("test", "", ""). It's not worth loading IKVM's required assemblies to do lightweight operations. I've found IKVM useful for converting applications. I prefer to have proper C# ports of frameworks and libraries.
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