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Switching to LGPL

After reading the history of AJAX.NET it really bothers me that open-source on the .NET is greedy. Many open-source .NET projects that have become successful have turned commercial leaving behind many developers who contributed, tested and offered ideas while it was open source. What a shame. There are many projects that are close-sourced and proclaim to be free for .NET. You're a SUCKER if you're contributing your time to one of these projects.

I'm switching all my open-source projects to LGPL, GNU Lesser General Public License. This means you can use the library as-is in a commercial application without any issues and give credit in a credits.txt file. You can't create a derivative of it by changing the source, recompiling and using it commercially without my permission. If you fix bugs or enhance it, then send a diff of those modifications and you are granted automatic permission to use the libary commercially again. I don't care about your proprietary code, only changes/enhancements to the library. I think this is more than fair. I'm not sure if LGPL is the right license for all I said, but it's a good start.


Here's one under public domain:

and monorail has some ajax stuff, under apache software license i think:

and some others are listed here if it helps:

But yeah i see what you mean about AJAX.NET. Looks like they are basically just open sourcing beta versions, then they'll charge $300 for the 1.0 version.
anthem and monorail are both good stuff. highly recommended.

i decided against anthem because it's not based on the javascript library, prototype. prototype is becoming the defacto client-side AJAX engine. there are many intangible benefits to doing this, including access to many freely available client-side controls, effects and other libraries.

monorail also has ajax stuff in the form of helper functions, which i'm not completely against but i want better separatation of view and controller. i didn't see any code to marshall complex types, but i maybe wrong i didn't look too deep.
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