/// Tuesday, April 25

LCD Image Persistence

Most of us have long forgotten about CRT burn-in that plagued early monitors. Did you know LCDs have a similiar problem? It happened last night on my high-end 20" LCD. Image persistence results from displaying a static image on your screen for an extended period of time. In my case, it was a black color scheme for Windows. The icon and title 'persisted' on my screen. I usually work in maximized mode meaning the windows title bar for any application is at the top. I'm stumped, however, why my taskbar doesn't have the same symptoms. (I autohid it to check).

Fortunately this state is reversible in most cases. I am following Apple's advice since I need to use my computer:

Avoiding image persistence on Apple LCD displays

I went beyond the white background and switched to a Milk scheme for windows. I've noticed an improvement over night. There's still a slight hint of persistence which I hope will disappear in the next couple of days.

The other recommended solution is to shut off the LCD for several days. I'm not sure why this would be more effective than say shutting it off for one day. I'll try it if Apple's recommendation doesn't remedy the problem.


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